Starting a business

Self-Employed Workers

“By leaving Montréal and starting a new life on an agricultural farm in Saint-André-Avellin in the Papineau RCM, I have discovered one of the best hidden gems in Québec, an extraordinary quality of life and the chance to meet with generous and creative people. Being located between two major cities, I was able to continue working in the communications sector and I founded a publicity agency, HOTDOG TRIO, here, in the region. This allows me to work with companies from here and elsewhere and also share my passion for design and marketing. I have also developed a passion for agriculture with cashmere goat breeding and have discovered the world of textile arts and crafts. Due to my entrepreneurial spirit and constant search for challenges, I was able to create the TWIST Fibre Festival, which became a not-to-be-missed event in Canada for the textile fibre industry. The Papineau RCM is my home. It's a world of possibilities. Bring your projects and ideas!”

- Amélie Blanchard
Photo credit: Sébastien Lavallée