Projects in development

Development Plan for the Agricultural Zone (PAZM)

In 2015, the Papineau RCM began work on the development of its Development Plan for the Agricultural Zone (PAZM).

The PAZM is a territorial planning tool intended to promote a dynamic occupation of the agricultural area, with a focus on farming. It also aims at increasing and diversifying agricultural activities while promoting related agricultural activities such as agritourism and food processing. The PAZM is based on a consultative approach between the interested parties of the RCM agricultural development.

A series of public consultations were held in the spring of 2016. The implementation of the PAZM is planned for the beginning of 2017.

Montebello Tourist Centre

Thanks to its must-sees, such as the Château Montebello, the Manoir Papineau, the Parc Omega, and the Amnesia Rockfest, Montebello is an internationally renowned destination!

The City of Montebello is currently working at improving its commercial offer and its infrastructures to offer tourists an unforgettable experience.

You’ll be charmed by the unique architectural heritage, bucolic landscapes, and numerous restaurants and gourmet shops. A walk along the banks of the Outaouais River or in the village centre will reveal all the beauties of this charming Petite-Nation village.

Les Chemins d'eau Tourist Road

The Petite-Nation La Lièvre is a region of lakes and rivers. This region is bordered on the south by the Outaouais River and the Petite-Nation and Blanche rivers cut across it. There is, of course, the famous Chutes de Plaisance, the Lac Simon, the Lac-des-Plages, and dozens of others!

In order to showcase this exceptional natural heritage, the project “Les Chemins d'eau” aims to put into place a regional tourist road with water being the star attraction. For the portion of the circuit bordering our RCM, the tourist road will start at Fassett and follow the 148 road to Thurso.

Cultural Centre of Saint-André-Avellin

Saint-André-Avellin is recognized as the RCM Cultural Centre.

We find a high concentration of art and culture in this village! You will find 8 distribution platforms, 6 events, 69 artists, artisans, companies and cultural organizations, 1 heritage tour, 13 public art pieces, and 9 sites and buildings cited under the Cultural Heritage Act. We must not forget the Centre of cultural action of the Papineau RCM, the Cinémaboule Ciné-Club and the TWIST Fibre Festival.