Daycare centres/CPE

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Our preschool and primary schools stand out by the variety and quantity of activities offered to students.

Values, such as respect, perseverance, and respect of the environment are at the core of a pedagogical approach promoting healthy life habits, responsibility, positive behaviour, and physical activities.

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To know more about the Coeur-des-Vallées school board and/or the Western Québec school board.


Three different schools offer secondary level education in the Papineau territory. Discover what makes each of them unique by clicking here!

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The Hormisdas-Gamelin Secondary School in Buckingham serves students from the municipalities of Bowman and Val-des-Bois.

To learn more about services offered by the Coeur-des-Vallées and Western Québec school boards.

Vocational Training

There are 14 vocational training programs available at the Relais de la Lièvre-Seigneurie vocational training centre in Papineauville.

Whether it is for day or evening sessions, come and discover the variety of programs offered: catering services, accounting, butchery, market cuisine, industrial mechanics, pastry baking... there is a program for everyone!

The Centre Le Vallon is located in Papineauville and offers general education for adults. Le Vallon has a team of professionals who will accompany you with individual educational coaching, in addition to living in a dynamic environment where success is of utmost importance.

Are you in looking for quality training to reorient your career or to update your current knowledge? Réseautact offers a full range of training services to companies and individuals in the region.

Academic Training

Located in Ripon, the Institut des Sciences de la Forêt tempérée (ISFORT) is a university research institute affiliated with the Université du Québec en Outaouais whose activities are specifically dedicated to the study of temperate hardwood forest. This is the first of its kind in Canada!

Local and international, theoretical and applied, the research at ISFORT is devoted to the sustainable development of all forest resources in order to be ecologically based, socially acceptable, and economically viable.