Business opportunities

Parc Industriel Régional Vert de Papineau (PIRVP)

Located in Thurso, the Parc Industriel Régional Vert de Papineau (PIRVP) offers interested parties more than 150 acres of land, various existing infrastructures, and a personalized consulting support. Furthermore, the PIRVP profits from a very enviable geographic location:

  • Bordered to the north by Highway 50
  • Located 100 km west of Montréal
  • Located less than 100 km east of the Ottawa-Gatineau region
  • Located at 150 km from the US border
  • Located 65 km east of Ottawa International Airport

Companies whose activities are related to agri-food or second and third transformation of wood could establish an emerging sector with great potential for development in the region. The presence of the Forest Industry and a highly skilled labour force offer a competitive edge for the Papineau RCM.


Municipalities' Economic Profile

Are you looking for commercial space or a land to build on?
Would you like to settle here and choose the best strategic location for your business? To learn more about our municipalities' economic profile, three options are available:

  1. The Vallée de la Petite-Nation Chamber of Commerce manages the economic profile database of the 24 municipalities of Papineau RCM. The Chamber can provide you with numerous relevant economic reports that will help the implementation or development of your business in one or other of the municipalities. The commercial space database currently has 40 available locations: inquire for more information!
  2. Through its market study service, the SADC de Papineau has access to numerous socio-economic databases.
  3. The Papineau RCM can coach you and support you in your efforts to draft your business plan.